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Information about advertising your venue

If you are considering advertising your wedding venue with us then please take a look at our 'Owners' page which should have most the information you require, however, we have answered some more detailed questions we are asked most often here. 

However, if you have any further questions that we have not answered below then please don't hesitate to get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

Questions about our site and listing your venue?

Can I add my venue to myself?

Yes it is quick and easy to add your own listing which will then be approved by admin before going live. Please click 'Register Now' to start. 

How do I get in contact with you?

You can get in touch with us at or click to contact us and send us a message direct and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is your French Wedding Venues mobile and tablet friendly?

Yes, our site is compatiable across all platforms. 

How long will be listing remain active on the website?

Because all the listings are on a commission based plan your venue will remain on the website indefinitely

How do I pay French Wedding Venues when I get a booking?

We will invoice you for your commission on a booking by booking basis and you can pay by bank transfer or cheque. 

How much are the add-on's for the 'Featured Venues' listings and how do I pay for these?

The home page 'Featured Venues' are 99 Euros per month and the regional 'Featured Venues' are 29 Euros per month. There are four 'Featured Venues' on the home page and there are three 'Featured Venues' per region. We will invoice you before the listing will go live onto the 'Featured Venue' section (both home page or regional add-on's) via email and you can pay by bank transfer or cheque. Your listing will then be added to the relevant section for the time period chosen. The listing will then automatically expire when this period is over and just remain as a standard venue on the site. 

How do you make it fair that all venues are seen on each region?

The 'Featured Venues' will have top position each month per region. However, the remaining venues will automatically shuffle every time the page is refreshed meaning that no one venue will have prime position over another venue. 

Why can I not add my venues name to my listing?

Every venue on our site will have an alias name associated with it. This means that the client will not be able to then google you to find your website directly. However, when the client clicks to contact you or request a broucher then the email will come directly to you. We will be copied into every email that is sent from the website so we can keep a track of the enquiries coming through the site per venue. 

Can I have my contact details visable? and can I have my venues name on my broucher?

No, we only work on a commission basis. The venues are all under alias titles and their details are hidden behind the links. You do have diect contact with the clients but they just can't see the email address or venue name. Once the initial contact has been made then it is fine for you to disclose your venues name and therefore all brouchers can be branded. 

I have a feature to my venue that isn't on your list, what can you do about this?

This is a great question! We would love to hear from you as a venue if you have any features that you would like to add but maybe we don't have the option at the moment. We want to be able to accommodate every venues specific features to highlight them to the couples so please get in touch and we will try and get it added as soon as possible for you. 



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