Frequently Asked Questions

Information about getting married in France

If you are considering marrying in France then you probably have a number of questions, whether they are specific to a particular venue or more general about weddings in France. We have answered some of the questions we are asked most often here. 

However, if you have any further questions that we have not answered below then please don't hesitate to get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

Questions about the site?

I don't know where to get married can you help me?

We would love to help. We live in France ourselves and have a good knowledge of each of the areas. Depending on your requirements and what type of feel you want for your wedding we can help advise where in France your dream wedding venue could be. Each region has a brief summary to describe what it is like so please click venues button to inform yourself. 

Can I have a shortlist of my favourite venues?

Yes you can! If you sign up for an account you can then save the venues that you like into your favourites list by clicking the heart on each venue listing. You can then click on your venues to view the list of favourites all together. 

Can I contact the venue directly?

Yes you have direct contact with the venue owners. When you have decided on a venue that you like the look of and want to get in contact with them then click on 'Enquire Now' button on the specific venue and it will allow you to contact the venue to enquire about further information. The venue owner will then respond to you directly.  

Questions about getting married in France?

How far in advance should I book my wedding venue in France?

As soon as you find your your perfect venue then snap it up! If you plan to get married between May and September, we advise you to start your venue search a year and a half before your wedding date as popular venues get booked very quickly, sometimes two years in advance for the most popular!

Can I legally get married in France?

This is slightly complicated. Most couples wanting to get married in France will sign all the legal documentation at a registrar where they live prior to the wedding ceremony in France. This doesn't mean that you can't then also have a full marriage ceremony in France also with your guests present for the main day, but you will be legally married in the UK.

To legally get married in France the rules say that one of the couple getting married must be a permenant resident in France immediately before the marriage for a minimum of 40 days before hand within the town where the marriage would take place. However, if your family has a property in France there are cases where the local mayor can make the decision without you being a resident, so it is worth contacting the Marie directly before you make any decisions.   

Can I legally get married in a church?

Unfortunatley you would not be able to have a legally binding ceremony in France but that doesn't meam you can't have a service in church for your big day.  

If it is a church wedding you are after the venue or the local marie will know the local priest and would be able to help you organisie your service. However, most couples we find prefer to get married at their wedding venue in the grounds of their beautiful French Chateau or vineyard they have rented. Just think of it as the opportunity to have two big days as you get one in the UK and then one in France! 


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