Ideas For Your Destination Wedding Gift List

May, 2022 
Ideas For Your Destination Wedding Gift List 


So you’re organising your dream destination wedding in exotic surroundings. As romantic and idyllic as it is, obviously there a lot of extra challenges you’re going to face, such as getting your loved ones to the destination safely and cheaply and choosing your various local wedding suppliers.

Another sensitive topic is asking for gifts from your guests. Obviously a lot of guests want to express their gratitude by offering you something. So what’s the best way to go about it?

Firstly, it’s not practical for your guests to bring something along with them, and for some couples it may seem rude and forward to ask for cash on the day. What’s more, with lots of modern couples having lived together long before getting married and many with plans of moving abroad after tying the knot, a traditional gift list comprised of household items isn’t ideal. Understandably, you may you want to avoid having your mother-in-law drag a toaster halfway across Europe for nothing!

With the rise of new online gift list services that offer new concepts such as crowd-funding, there’s a wide range of ways to accommodate your guests by moving away from the traditional wedding list concept.

A quick look online and you’ll find services like these which aim to make your day a lot easier. Guests can access your wedding list online and make a simple online payment to contribute. With the help of French Wedding Venues, who specialise in helping international couples organise all the aspects of their wedding day in one place, we looked at how an online cash wedding list can make the whole process of gift-giving so much simpler with some ideas for your modern and unique wedding list.

  1. List activities for your dream honeymoon

Cash wedding lists allow you to list whatever you want at whatever price you want, so having guests contribute to your honeymoon is a creative way to let your guests to congratulate you on your new nuptials. The beauty of this is that your guests know exactly what their contribution will pay for, whether that’s an intimate dinner for two on the beachfront, scuba-diving lessons, or tickets to a local show. The idea of buying experiences rather than physical items that may never be used is a great way to interact with your guests. You can even send them a thank you message with a photo of you ‘experiencing’ their gift!

  1. Ask for help with home improvements or repairs

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do with your house but you never got around to doing anything about it? Maybe your guests can help you out. Rather than getting appliances and other things that will clutter up the house you could easily make some home improvements, like getting that patio you’ve always wanted or designing your dream interior!

Just as with a honeymoon gift list, being specific about what the money will go towards makes a contribution so much more meaningful for you and your guests.

  1. Get closer to buying your dream car

It’s the classic scene, driving off into the distance after the ceremony… Imagine setting off in the car of your dreams funded by your very own guests who just showered you with rice and confetti! Again, taking advantage of crowdfunding as opposed to physical items makes this so easy to do. The perfect way to tell the world that you’re just married!

  1. Charity donation

If you feel like you’ve already got everything you need, why not ask your guests to make a donation to a charity close to your heart? Maybe there’s a charity that means a lot to you and your loved ones. It’s a great idea to give something back on your big day!

  1. Save towards your future

Maybe you don’t have any immediate plans and you’re not sure what the future holds. In this case, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask your guests for a contribution to your future together. Maybe you could give them a general idea of what it will go towards, whether that’s a retirement fund or a higher education fund for your future (or current) children. Your guests will be glad to know that their contribution will make your life that little bit easier in the long run!

You can create your free wedding website and online giftlist, and list all of the things above and more. The sky is your limit!

The French Wedding Team 




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