5 Tips For Choosing a Wedding Gift List

February, 2022 

5 Tips For Choosing a Wedding Gift List! 

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gift list there is plenty of choice available, which can make finding the one that’s right for you a little tricky! The French Wedding team has taken the stress out of selecting a wedding gift list by rounding up the five best wedding gift lists, each of which offer exceptional service, a huge array of choice and guarantee that building your wedding gift list will be as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Your guests will want to buy you a gift for your special day and opting for a wedding gift list is a great way to minimise the stress for both you and your wedding guests. Not only can you avoid those awkward moments of being asked what sort of gift you’d like, but it can give your guests peace of mind knowing that they’re choosing a wedding gift you actually want and need.

You might be after items for your home, or want to ask guests for donations to your chosen charity? Maybe you want to ask guests for contributions to your honeymoon fund, experience days or cash contributions? Or, perhaps you want a bit of each! We’re sure that you can find just what you’re looking for to start creating your wedding gift list with our selection of the five best wedding gift list providers.


1. Get Advice from Married Couples
Before you choose your wedding gift list, speak to recently married couples and ask them how they went about creating their list. Talk to them about which services they looked at and what type of gifts they asked for. There’s no one better to speak to than those who have been there and done it.

2. Don’t Hold Back!
Not every item on your list has to be bought, so don’t shy away from adding a good selection of gifts for your guests to choose from. Having a large wedding gift list gives your guests more choice and it also adds an element of surprise as to what you may receive!

3. Choose Wisely & Include Gifts for Both of You
Think carefully about the type of gifts you want and make sure you add gifts that both you and your partner can enjoy together. There are many different gift types you can ask for, so consider what you may need and want.

4. Leave Enough Time & Think about Your Requirements
We suggest creating your wedding gift list around 6 months before your wedding - this gives guests plenty of time to buy their chosen present. Be sure to think about your requirements too; if you’re planning on moving before the wedding then factor that into the type of gifts you want to add to your list.

5. Enjoy the Process!
Most importantly, enjoy the process of creating your wedding gift list. Your guests will want to give you something that you’ll like and enjoy. Selecting the gifts to start your new married life together is a lovely experience, so relax and enjoy it!

The French Wedding Team


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